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  • Barbara Worley
    What address can I use to send Jen a (snail mail) WCAT Holiday card?
  • Sharon Williams
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  • martha vatalaro
    You can put a sign on my lawn, 727 main street, wakefield, if you want.
  • Talat Aman
    Hey Jen! Sorry for the late notice but Amanda and I would like to attend the event on Wednesday night! It would be great if you could let me know the forms of transportation on the way there and back and any other general information that you think we should know! Thank you.
  • Alice Thomas
    Alice Thomas
  • Amy Varera
    Amy Varera
  • Fred Moore
    I Take issue with the bashing of the Green line extension in order to promote a 1960’s style highway widening.

    highways bad; electric tramways good

    your position is so wrong on so many levels.

    but I will not elaborate here, but would be more than willing to discuss the issue with you.

    perhaps you would be interested in the report I produced while serving on town meeting as chairman of the route one traffic and safety committee?
  • Christian Reynolds
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