Press Release: Wakefield High School Democrats Canvass With Jen Migliore


Wakefield, MA -- On Sunday September 17, Jen Migliore and the Wakefield High School Democrats canvassed Wakefield together. Although still too young to vote, founders of the club Matthew Dardis and Talat Aman say members of the group, “care deeply about political issues, and want everyone in their community to be an informed voter”.

The group also admired Jen’s commitment to improving public schools, an issue that resonates deeply in Wakefield due to the need for an updated high school building. Many members cited that as their reason to endorse Jen.

Together, Migliore and ten members of the High School Democrats reached out to hundreds of voters. Wakefield residents were excited to see energetic young people like Jen and the High School Democrats out engaging with voters.

Migliore will face Wong in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8. To learn more about the issues that are important to her, visit Migliore’s website at or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Press Release: Wong Declines 3rd Debate with Saugus Advertiser and Advocate

For Immediate Release

Following her victory in the primary, Democratic nominee Jennifer Migliore challenged incumbent Republican State Representative Donald Wong to a series of five debates to address the issues that most concern the voters of the Ninth Essex District ( Saugus, Wakefield, Lynn ). Representative Wong has since agreed to two debates, but has declined a third one today that was set to focus on the community of Saugus.

“Today, I was disappointed to learn that Rep. Wong has refused to participate in the Saugus Chamber of Commerce offer, which traditionally sponsored a debate in the past, along with the Saugus Advocate and the Saugus Advertiser.I hope Representative Wong will reconsider his refusal to debate out of respect for the people of the 9th district --- and especially the voters of Saugus --- who have a civic right to know where BOTH candidates stand on the vital issues that impact their lives every day." said Migliore’s campaign manager Fred Rich LaRiccia.

Currently the Lynn Item has sponsored a debate in Saugus taking place on November third at the Saugus Town Hall which both Representative Wong and Ms. Migliore have agreed to. Unfortunately, due to recent advances by Representative Wong there will be no debate hosted by Saugus media outlets.   


For Immediate Release

9th Essex District-- Despite claiming to “know the value on investing in education,” State Rep. Donald Wong’s voting record indicates quite the opposite--Wong has voted “No” on bills that intended to expand early education opportunities, provide funding for technology education in public schools, and increase state funding for several community colleges in the area.

Jen Migliore, the Democratic challenger in the upcoming election, understands the importance of fighting for increased educational opportunities across the board. “As a college graduate and daughter of a teacher, I know that we need someone to fight for the more than 6,000 students in our district who deserve the opportunities that result from a well-rounded education. The most impactful action we can take is to support early childhood education,” said Migliore.

"While knocking on 7,000 doors throughout the primary I heard every day that people wanted more opportunities for free universal early education, especially in Saugus where we don’t even have free all-day kindergarten. On July 7th 2016 my opponent voted against H 4450 Early Education & Care to increase the early education state budget. When Rep. Wong voted no on this bill, it showed how out of touch he is with the needs of our community. We need an advocate on Beacon Hill for access to early childhood education and I plan to be that advocate,” continued Migliore.

Wong has also demonstrated his lack of commitment in the area of higher education, he has made his stance on education clear through his voting record. As evidenced by his votes against H.4450 and H. 3650, Wong’s record fails to support higher education or adult education programs. He consistently voted “no” on initiatives to provide over 10 different community colleges and universities with increased funding.

Migliore has said she will prioritize the expansion of educational programs, starting by increasing opportunity for free universal early childhood education, all the way through to making higher education accessible for all.

Contact: Jazmin West 603-320-6260 

Saugus’ Migliore Wins Chance to Face Wong: Former Moulton Staffer Hopes to Debate Incumbent Prior to Nov. 8  

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr. for the Lynn Journal

Migliore, who is just 25-years old and a first time candidate, showed herself to be a tireless campaigner and expert politician, as she took 80-percent of the Democratic votes cast in Lynn and added that to huge vote totals in Saugus and Wakefield as well.

Migliore got 700 votes in Lynn to just 166 votes here for Rizzuto. She also got 1,281 votes in Saugus and another 497 votes in Wakefield.

To fulfill her dream of serving the 9th Essex District in the Massachusetts legislature she will have to beat incumbent Republican Donald Wong, who was first elected to the seat in 2011 and served the town of Saugus as a Selectman and Town Meeting member before that.

Since her victory, Migliore has already challenged Wong to series of five debates, in an attempt to contract her candidacy and vision for the district against Wong’s accomplishments to date.

However, Wong’s campaign has indicated that five debates this late in the campaign calendar might not be possible, but said he would wait to hear from sponsors who wish to host debates before committing.

Migliore Puts Her Focus on Federal Funding 

By Leah Dearborn 

Precinct 2 of Saugus was quiet on the Saturday before Labor Day, but that didn’t stop Jennifer Migliore from hitting the pavement to make some noise about voting.

The 9th Essex District state representative candidate has been knocking on doors since February, when it was 14 degrees out, said campaign manager Fred Rich LaRiccia. Since then, the Migliore campaign has knocked on over 7,000 doors across the district.

When asked what prompted her run for office, Migliore said that when she worked for U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, she noticed a lack of state and federal funding coming into the district and wanted to make an improvement.

Migliore grew up in Saugus and moved back after studying political science at Wellesley College. The 25-year-old candidate said she’s proud of her age, and thinks that she will bring new energy and enthusiasm to Saugus.

Improving the state of public school buildings in town is one of the biggest issues voters have discussed with her. Migliore attended Evans Elementary and Belmonte Middle School.

“Our schools need a lot of work,” said Saugus resident Meghan Bierenbroodspot from her driveway when Migliore approached. Bierenbroodspot said that while she’s very happy with the teachers at the Waybright Elementary School where her children attend, she wants to see the new representative working to improve school buildings.

Bierenbroodspot said seeing Migliore and her supporters on the streets has made the campaign seem much more personable.

Selectman Jennifer D’Eon accompanied Migliore across Precinct 2 and praised her campaign.

“People ask me about her and I tell the truth. I say she’s awesome,” said D’Eon, who first met Migliore at a Democratic dinner two years ago. “She’s always ready to work, ready to talk.”

Mass. NOW PAC endorses Migliore for state representative

The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is pleased to announce its endorsement of Jen Migliore.

Migliore is running for election to the State House of Representatives, 9th Essex District.

Nancy Rosenblum and Donna Denoncourt, co-chairs of the Mass. NOW PAC, said, “Jen will be a strong advocate for all of NOW’s priority issues. Her commitment to economic justice shines through her argument for the Fair Share amendment, importance of a living wage, and pay equity. Through her service with Congressman Seth Moulton’s office, she gained first-hand knowledge of the needs of her community, available resources, and what is still needed. Her commitment towards healthy youth and reproductive health are vital for this upcoming election.”

On receiving the Mass. NOW PAC endorsement, Migliore said, “As a graduate of Wellesley College, I understand how powerful a group of strong women can be. I am proud to be endorsed by Mass. NOW, a group that fights for causes I so deeply believe in. Together, we will make sure the 9th Essex District has a strong and powerful voice for women’s rights and economic justice.”



9th Essex State Rep Q&A: Jennifer Migliore

"In this year's 9th Essex District State Representative race, there are three candidates running to represent an area that includes Precincts 1 and 2 of Ward 1 Lynn, Precincts 1, 2 and 4-9 in Saugus and Precincts 1, 2, 3, and 7 in Wakefield: incumbent Donald Wong (R) and two challengers Saritin Rizzuto (D) and Jennifer Migliore (D).  Saugus native Jennifer Migliore is a 2014 graduate of Wellesley Colllege whose previous experience includes working as an intern for US Senator Elizabeth Warren and more recently for US Congressman Seth Moulton. Migliore has been endorsed by several organizations including the Mass Alliance, North Shore Labor Council and the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Here, she shares her positions on issues related to public K-12 education in Massachusetts."


Letter: Millionaire's Tax

"Our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are underfunded and, just last week, we were denied operational funding for the Lynn-Boston ferry – an essential source of transportation for many local commuters. We need an unrelenting advocate who will demand the funding to revitalize these necessities. We deserve better schools, roads, and public transportation. But we will never get them unless we elect a voice to the State House who will fight for the needs of our district.

We deserve a representative who knows and understands the needs of her constituents. We deserve a representative who will fight for every single resident of our district: not just a few privileged millionaires."

Migliore holds campaign kickoff in Saugus

Dozens of supporters attended a campaign kickoff/fundraiser for Jen Migliore, a Democratic candidate for state representative in the 9th Essex District, on May 20 at the Fox Hill Yacht Club.

Saugus Selectman Jennifer D’Eon said Migliore “knows what the district needs. She’s smart and has a lot of energy. I know she’ll do a good job.”

“We need someone who represents change, who’s fed up with the status quo,” Migliore said. “I’m sick of the status quo. We need someone on Beacon Hill to advocate. It’s about being a stronger advocate.”

Saugus Democratic Town Committee endorses Migliore for state representative

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Saugus Democratic Town Committee … I admire the members of the committee for their commitment to serving the people of my hometown of Saugus, and I will continue to fight to be their voice on Beacon Hill to move us all forward together.”

“Jen is a bright, energetic gladiator who will fight for the citizens of the 9th Essex District … As a lifelong resident of Saugus, Jen understands the needs of our town and its residents, which makes her the best person to represent us in the State House.”           -Democratic Town Committee’s Chair Joe Malone


Migliore to host official campaign kickoff May 20

Migliore will be joined by her campaign supporters at the Fox Hill Yacht Club, 114 Ballard St., Saugus, from 7 to 9 p.m.


Letter to the editor: Migliore states position on Wheelabrator Saugus ash landfill

“I unequivocally oppose the expansion of Wheelabrator’s ash landfill, and as state representative, I would have taken action and cosponsored Rep. RoseLee Vincent’s, D-Revere, bill to prevent the expansion. The ash landfill is not just an East Saugus issue, it is an environmental albatross that affects our entire district.”

Saugus Awarded Grant for Vinegar Hill Signage

“We’re very appreciative of Jen (Migliore)’s efforts to get this grant. It is much needed,” said SAVE President Ann Devlin.

Essex 9th Candidate Jen Migliore Hires Campaign Manager

Jen Migliore announced on Wednesday the hiring of Fred Rich LaRiccia as Campaign Manager and Adam Chaikof as Deputy Campaign Manager.

“Fred and Adam have the knowledge, expertise and passion to help me bring a new voice to the Statehouse for our district,” said Migliore.


Adam Chaikof, Jen Migliore, and Fred Rich LaRiccia

Essex 9th Candidate Jen Migliore to Host Lynn Meet and Greet Event

“I’m really excited to continue touring the district and meeting the hardworking people of the area. I believe it is important to learn from and understand the needs of all residents in order to effectively serve in the State House.”


Closure Controversy; Wheelabrator Wants To Prolong Life of Ash Landfill Until Next Year

“I am adamantly opposed to the expansion of that unlined landfill in area of great environmental concern – the Rumney Marsh, … I believe it’s time we put the health and safety of the Saugus residents above the interests of a billion-dollar corporation,” – Jen Migliore

Migliore Starts Listening Tour in Saugus

“Right now, I’m focused on being the best candidate for the people of Saugus, Wakefield and Lynn by knocking on their doors, asking them to sign my nomination papers and listening to their concerns and issues they care about most,” said Migliore, “We should all expect more from our elected officials and I look forward to meeting as many voters possible, personally, in the months to come.”


House candidates get early start in Saugus

Over the next several weeks, Migliore will launch a listening tour during which she will hold events and visit with voters in the communities of Lynn, Saugus, and Wakefield. “My team and I are working on launching a listening tour, which will include probably one- to two-hour office hours, essentially,” Migliore said...“The purpose of the listening tour is for constituents to have their voices heard,” Migliore said. “I want them to know they can call me and talk to me about what really matters.”

Migliore said she plans to be a vocal advocate for the district and will stand up for residents on key issues, including the potential closing of Union Hospital.

Migliore Hits the Ground Running for State Rep. Seat

“Jen has been a great part of my team over the past year and during my 2014 campaign, she has incredible enthusiasm. She also works hard every day, and I know she’ll continue to do so as she works to earn the votes of the constituents of the 9th Essex District.”   – Seth Moulton

“Migliore will be a vocal advocate for the 9th Essex District, standing up for residents on key issues like the potential closing of Union Hospital in Lynn.”

“I will work tirelessly to become the new generation of leadership on Beacon Hill.”

“She will fight for the people of the 9th Essex District and welcomes all residents to speak with her and have their concerns truly heard by a candidate that can deliver clear results.”


Migliore enters State Rep. race; cites Wong’s lack of progress

All these communities are comprised of really hard-working people who deserve more.” -Migliore

“Going into the race, Migliore said the primary issues facing the district include education, the possible expansion of Wheelabrator Technologies, Route 1 congestion, the lack of infrastructure and the opiate crisis. ‘I don’t think Rep. Wong has done enough to address any of these issues,’ she said ‘We need an advocate on Beacon Hill, someone who will run through a brick wall.’” -Migliore

House candidates get early start in Saugus 

“Jen has been a great part of my team over the past year and during my 2014 campaign,” Moulton said. “She also works hard every day, and I know she’ll continue to do so as she works to earn the votes of the constituents of the 9th Essex District.” 

“Though she is getting an early jump, her campaign has already raised $22,000 in under 30 days, she said. It shows how excited people are for my candidacy and for a new generation of leadership on Beacon Hill.” -Migliore 

“People should vote for me because I’m a dynamic young leader who is willing to work really hard for the constituents of the 9th Essex District.” -Migliore 

Migliore on Wong’s Re-election Bid

“Right now, I’m focused on being the best candidate for the people of Saugus, Wakefield and Lynn by knocking on their doors, asking them to sign my nomination papers, and listening to the concerns they care most about,” Migliore said in an email to the Advertiser.  “The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.”

Jen Migliore of Saugus launches bid for state representative

“I had a great experience in the Saugus school system,” Migliore said. “But there has been a lack of resources and support in our schools to really deliver a quality education. I know that I was an exception to the rule in Saugus. I was extremely lucky. I want to make sure that every kid has the opportunity to go to the college of their dreams.” -Migliore

“A big part of my candidacy is going to be knocking on doors and listening to the people of Lynn, Wakefield and Saugus and hear what they really care about.” -Migliore 

“I’m sitting in my living room right now and there are pictures of me playing Saugus softball and being a Pop Warner cheerleader. It’s really special to be back in this town and working to move this town forward.” -Migliore

Wicked Local: Jennifer Migliore of Saugus thrives on Moulton’s staff

“I think it’s very helpful that I’m from Saugus because I know these communities because I’ve grown up in them,” Migliore said. “So it’s easier to talk to constituents when you live down the street from them.” -Migliore

“Migliore will do anything ranging from helping a veteran obtain benefits to expediting a passport or aiding with general difficulties at the Social Security office.” 

“Migliore helps to tackle Moulton’s two big priorities in the area: the revitalization and development of Lynn and improving veterans’ healthcare. ‘About 30 percent of our casework is veterans’ affairs related,’ Migliore said. ‘We can start making changes to make sure they get the healthcare they need but also on a bigger policy level.’” -Migliore



Boston Globe: Saugus native Jen Migliore stepping up as a hitter for Wellesley softball

“It makes me want to recruit more local kids. I’d take a Saugus kid any day of the week; that’s how tough Jen is. She has a lot of pride and a lot of heart.” – Coach Keri O'Meara

“On a play in foul territory, O’Meara saw Migliore run into a brick wall before jumping right back into the game. ‘That’s when I decided I wanted this kid on my team,’ O’Meara said.” 



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